The TiPA project has successfully completed the first phase of in-sea testing as the innovative direct drive power take-off (PTO) solution is optimised. The TiPA PTO subsystem was deployed sub-sea in January 2019 as part of a robust accelerated testing regime to investigate performance, reliability and survivability of the novel subsystem in an operational environment. The test phase is being delivered in two phases, the first of which was recently completed.

The PTO has been operating successfully and has provided vast amounts of key data which will be used in the upcoming design optimisation phase of the project. Following the completion of phase 1, the PTO was retrieved, inspected and upgraded as planned, before being redeployed on the same day. The PTO is now in the second phase of accelerated in-sea testing and is due to complete in the coming months. Thereafter, the PTO will be retrieved and will undergo a detailed forensic inspection during summer 2019 at Nova Innovation’s Manufacturing Facility in Edinburgh before the optimised design is finalised.