The EU funded TiPA project has taken a significant step forward in the development of its innovative direct drive power take-off (PTO) solution by successfully deploying the PTO in-sea for testing. Following successful completion of performance testing at RWTH Aachen University, the PTO returned to Nova Innovation’s manufacturing facility in Edinburgh where it underwent a forensic inspection and a series of planned upgrades to prepare it for in-sea testing. During this final testing phase of the project, the PTO will undergo a testing regime developed by Nova, to test the performance, reliability and survivability of the novel subsystem in an operational environment. This key phase of the project will significantly reduce the technological risk associated with the development of the novel subsystem, a vital step towards its commercialisation. The PTO will complete the in-sea testing phase in spring 2019, after which it will return to Nova’s manufacturing facility in Edinburgh where it will undergo further inspection.