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Deliverable 8.1 Techno-economic Tools Report – May 2017

This document summarises the techno-economic tools to be used in the TiPA project and describes the tools to be used, how these tools contribute to the project objectives and the interfaces with work packages of the project, including the design tools developed in the Design Reliability & Optimisation work package.

TiPA-EU-0011 Techno-Economic Tools Report PUBLIC v1.0 Final 30-May-2017.

Deliverable 7.2 Project Reliability Framework – May 2017

The main objective of this document is to propose a framework for analysing the reliability and component lifetime of tidal energy systems, with the focus on the tidal converter drivetrain.

TiPA-EU-0009 Project Reliability Framework PUBLIC v1.0 Final 29-May-2017.

Deliverable 2.1 Project Verification Report – April 2017

This document is produced to outline the verification framework that will be followed during the verification of design, laboratory testing and offshore testing of Nova Innovation’s novel submersed PTO being developed within the TiPA project.

TiPA-EU-0008 Project Verification Report PUBLIC v1.3 27-Apr-2017.


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